Parent and Provider Stories

We have come to the Watch Me Grow Program for regular developmental screenings for our son since he was 16 months old. Participating in developmental screenings helped us become more aware that Emmanuel may need support around his speech and language development. We have received parent education and strategies to support Emmanuel’s development from the Care Coordinator who has worked with us. Through Watch Me Grow we have been connected to difference community resources that have provided learning opportunities for our son. ~ Angelica Ledezmna

Your organization does so much for kids and their families. You give us the tools to enhance our children’s abilities and their lives. We truly cannot thank you enough! ~ Rebecca Tanaka

I cannot say enough good things about Watch Me Grow. I had many questions about my son’s development. I wanted to know if he was developing well for his age. Completing a developmental screening helped me learn about my son’s strengths and areas where I could provide additional support. Speaking with a Care Coordinator helped me understand the importance of the first five years in a child’s development. I feel more informed about how I can continue to support my son’s learning. ~ Zulema Mendez

Watch Me Grow changed our lives and opened so many doors we thought were closed. The system can be very confusing and not so friendly, but Watch Me Grow was there with us all the way through. They helped us complete a developmental screening for our son and supported us with requesting a school district assessment. They listened, explained and helped us through the entire process. We are so thankful for everything Watch Me Grow has done to support our son. We truly believe that if it wasn’t for them, our son would not be where he is today.~ Carlota Zuñiga

I was referred to Watch Me Grow for a developmental screening by my daughter’s pediatrician. Completing a developmental screening was very informative. Before the screening I did not know what skills my daughter should have for her age. The questions on the screening tool and the follow up conversation with the Care Coordinator helped me realize the importance of early development and my role as a mother in supporting my daughter’s early learning. I learned that I can do small things every day such as counting steps and naming objects to help my daughter learn new skills. ~ Olga Peña

Before receiving the screening I felt that I was aware of my child’s development. I believed that he was developing typically. This process has opened my eyes to my child’s developmental milestones; milestones that he should be achieving at his age. I learned about developmental delays and how I can support his developmental growth. Through the screening process I learned that observing my child is very important. Every little thing children do is a learning opportunity for them, as well as for parents. I have learned that my husband and I are the first teachers and we have to take that role seriously. ~ Alejandra Tapia