Every day, your child is growing and learning. The most important time for a child’s development is the first 5 years.

Watch Me Grow is funded by First 5 San Mateo County to help parents and caregivers better understand their child’s developmental milestones and encourages their readiness to learn and succeed in school. Pediatricians recommend that all children under the age of 5 have a developmental screening. Gatepath is Watch Me Grow San Mateo’s lead agency. Since 2007, Watch Me Grow has partnered with health care providers, early educators, community based organizations and families to ensure children achieve their optimal, healthy development.

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If you live outside San Mateo County, please contact your child’s pediatrician or AbilityPath.org for developmental resources.

About Gatepath

Gatepath has been a cornerstone of our community for more than 97 years, providing support services to individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities in the greater Bay Area. Their mission is to empower people with special needs to achieve their full potential through innovative, inclusive programs and community partnerships. With educational, therapeutic, vocational and family support services, they are distinctive in providing support to an individual throughout his or her lifetime. They collaborate with Watch Me Grow, local businesses, third party providers, nonprofits and various organizations to bring the highest quality services to the children, youth and adults in their programs. Their mission is to create a world where people of all abilities are fully accepted, respected and included in all aspects of life – in the classroom, the workplace and in our communities.

For more information, visit Gatepath.org.

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